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.madrid your new domain, your meeting point

For anyone who believes that the virtual world of the Region of Madrid is full of possibilities, you present .madrid, the new First Level TLD domain (Top Level Domain) managed and administered by the Community of Madrid.

An online presence with access to organizations, institutions, companies and citizens that operate or have an interest in the territorial scope of our Region.

This innovative support will generate great influence in the development of new business models, bringing new ways of accessing the information, products and services of the Region of Madrid.

Get the most out of your .madrid domain


The name of your domain must be short, so that it can be easily memorized.


An original and simple domain always generates much more interest..


Indicate in your domain the location of your business or blog with .madrid So users will know in advance what the geographical situation is.


Your business or blog now has a platform to be known in your Region.


.madrid is a safe and global option that allows the materialization of public and private initiatives where everyone has a place.

Who for?

Your company wants to benefit from the geographical location that this Region represents

Your multinational wants to develop its business in the Region of the Community of Madrid and wants to connect with the people of Madrid in a fast, direct and close way

Your brand wants to be known in the Madrid market, gaining notoriety and positioning

Your product manufactured or sold in the Region of Madrid wishes to conquer the Madrid market

Your service you want to be loaned in the Region of Madrid

Your campaign wants to be published and announced in the Madrid Region maximizing the results of it

Your event wants to stand out above all others generating a great impact and reception in the Madrid public

Your group or association wants to simplify your web address to be easier to remember

Your blog wants to be urban cosmopolitan, modern and well known among all the locals


You can get now have your domain .madrid.Sign up now!

Registering in the domain .madrid is enjoying many more advantages on the internet.

You just have to enter and find out how to do it.

That easy!

000 days
left to access the General Availability