Agencia para la Administración Digital

.madrid point-by-point

.madrid is the new domain of the Community of Madrid

It is a Top-Level Domain name (TLD) managed and administered by the Community of Madrid, through the Agency for Digital Administration, as Registration Authority.

.madrid is a domain extension that offers a secure and global option for the presence of institutions, companies, brands and citizens on the Internet, creating a multicultural space, integrating and facilitating new opportunities, which enables the realization of public initiatives and to boost the brand image on the internet, driven by the image that the brand itself already has .madrid

.madrid is now the gateway to Internet for the organizations, institutions, companies, citizens and Internet users operating or having an interest in our Region. It offers a new way of marketing and an innovative support for communicating with the citizens, which helps to turn any organization having this domain become a benchmark.

Why choose the domain .madrid?

Because with .madrid your company, organization or institution will be recognized by its geographical tag: Madrid.

Because Internet users will easily find contents from the Community of Madrid on original websites.

Because it is the perfect platform for creating social communities.

Because .madrid is a domain extension that offers a secure and global option, which transmits security, control and confidence.

Because .madrid provides a hallmark which guarantees the authenticity of the website.