Agencia para la Administración Digital started


ICANN made the decision in 2005 to expand the number of TLDs (Top Level Domains) to increase competition in the registration of domain names. To this end, it agreed to open the possibility of registering new top-level generic domains, allowing institutions, companies, cities, regions, communities and other organizations to register their name as a domain name on the Web.


The Community of Madrid over the last few years has made an enormous effort to enable citizens access to public services provided through the Internet, making the implantation between citizens and companies of the Information Society and the Knowledge, making it possible through domain names to identify this and all its institutions in their Internet connections, fulfilling a primary function set forth in Law 40/2015, of October 1, on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector, in relation to facilitate the electronic access of citizens to Public Services, making available to citizens the access routes to the Electronic Administration.


That is why the Community of Madrid conceived this new initiative of ICANN as an important way, not only to consolidate the implementation of the Information Society in relations between citizens, companies and Administration, but as a tool to promote, worldwide , in an organized way, to the Community of Madrid, and to promote economic activity in the Region.


ICANN delegated to the Community of Madrid the management of the first level generic domain name .madrid.”


The Agency for the Digital Administration of the Community of Madrid, assumes the competence, by means of Law 9/2015, of December 28, of Fiscal and Administrative Measures, of the management and exploitation of Internet domain names, constituting itself as Authority of assignment, registration and resolution of disputes, regarding the first level domain .madrid.”


The first level domain name “.madrid.” is a domain extension that offers a secure and global option for the presence of institutions, companies, brands and citizens on the Internet, creating a multicultural space, integrating and facilitating new opportunities , which enables the realization of public and private initiatives to enhance the brand image on the Internet, driven by the image that already has the brand .madrid.”